Banking hub in Bakewell

1 Mar 2024
Banking hub in Bakewell

Robert Court, Lib Dem PPC for Derbyshire Dales and Mark Wakeman the former Conservative Councillor for Bakewell and local businessman have together launched a campaign for a Banking Hub in Bakewell.

After the closure of the Natwest branch in Bakewell, what about a banking hub in the town?

In a banking hub 5 different banks each have their own day of the week, a better arrangement than what we have just lost. In November, Robert wrote to the CEO of Natwest to suggest a banking hub. The reply failed to address the hub idea.

Now we can all do something about this, in order to set up a banking hub the national LINK organisation needs to be behind the idea. LINK is there to help people access the cash services that they need. We can request a review of our community‚Äôs access to cash by completing a request on their website: and we are encouraging residents of Bakewell and surrounding villages that rely on Bakewell for retail and banking services to complete the form.

Thank you for your support on this issue, you can contact Robert by email at