Robert Court

Robert Court - Our candidate for Derbyshire Dales at the next General Election

Robert Court, who lives in Foolow and was our candidate in 2019, has been re-selected as our candidate at the next General Election. Following the recent boundary changes, this includes all wards in Derbyshire Dales District and the adjacent wards of Alport, Hilton, Hatton and Crich.

Labour recently announced the seats that they regard as non-battleground and this include Derbeyshire Dales meaning that the Liberal Democrats are the main challenger to the incumbent Tories, find out more about Tactical Voting here.

For the first time for 24 years, the Conservatives are not running Derbyshire Dales District Council. Following the local elections in May 2023, we have a progressive alliance in charge led by the Liberal Democrats. Three parties will be collaborating after the electorate clearly voted for change. No longer can one party do whatever it likes and take voters for granted.

The next General Election will give you an opportunity to vote for change at national level too. Change to a fairer society - fairer to nurses, teachers, carers and farmers. Fairer votes: we don’t have to go on using a voting system shared in Europe only by Putin’s stooge in Belarus.

I expect you are fed up with food prices and mortgages skyrocketing while trust in the government drops through the floor. If ever there was a time to restore integrity to public life, this is it.

Locally, with more councillors and more votes than any other party, the Lib Dems overtook the Conservatives. We can beat them at the General Election too. If you want to make change happen, vote Liberal Democrat.

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